Top 10 Pregnancy Precautions

List of precautions for healthy pregnancy

Once the women conceive, she faces physical and mental health problems. For unborn child healthy health, mother wellbeing as well as natural delivery, following extreme care and precautions should be taken.Top 10 Pregnancy Precautions

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1. Diet should be very nutritious, balance and sattvic, especially considering the supplement for pregnant women, fetal Mental development,
development of uterus, breast and amniotic fluid as well as good lactation after delivery.

2. Malnutrition to pregnant women may lead to Anaemia,
3. Rickets and bow knee may also caused to the child due to malnutrition of the mother.
4. Stress should be avoided as it is the source of many diseases.
5. Water intake should be frequent to avoid infections. Dinner walk for half an hour is recommended.
6. Pregnant women should avoid from desire, anger, attachment, hateredness and lust.
7. Avoid bad company and be with the good people and be in stable and peaceful condition always.
8. Have some beautiful picture and nature’s scenic in your room that show good impact upon the child.
9. Yoga practices like Kapalabhati, Uddiyana Bandha, Nauli, Kunjal, Suryanamaskar and advanced series of asanas should be strictly avoided.
10. Tea, Coffee, Sugar/candy, Maida products, Garam masala, Fried and Oily items, Egg, Non-veg etc. are the Contra-indicated foods.

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