Ayurveda Medicines for Erectile Dysfunction

Sex plays an important role in shaping human lives, for sustained harmony and well-being. The sexual excitement refreshes the body, mind and contributes to the mental growth. It influences every cell, organ, physical and chemical process, including the nervous system.

What is sexual dysfunctions?

Sexual activity needs complete concentration and relaxation. It should not be performed in haste. Sexual dysfunctions are more common with modern age people because of faulty lifestyle, over-occupied schedule and paradox dietary pattern.Sexual Impotency, Symptoms, Causes and Natural Treatment
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Impotence means inability to maintain erection for penetration or an erection without sufficient rigidity for vaginal penetration. If it happens regularly, may ruin both the partners.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction

• Erectile dysfunction from the very beginning, but it is rare.
• Erection is normal but fails on one or more occasions in between normal activity.
• Dysfunction is continuous and serious form with poor prognosis.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

• Psychological illness like depression
• Tiredness and fatigues
• Alcohol abuse
• Therapeutic use of estrogens
• Paralysis
• Parasymphethetic nerves by drugs
• Diabetes
• Abuse or misuse of the sexual organism.
• Anxiety
• Glandular deficiencies
• Infectious diseases

Home remedies for erectile dysfunction

Drugs are hardly effective in impotence, useless and may be dangerous. Diet can play vital role in sexual potency. Fresh fruits diet such as grapes, oranges, apples pear peaches pineapple and melons are quite effective. After one week of fruits diet, one should start balanced diet of seeds, nuts, and grains, vegetables. More focused should be given to rejuvenative foods such as whey, soured milks, particularly made from goat’s milk millet, garlic, honey, vegetable oils and brewer’ yeast. Some specific foods may act like panacea for impotency patients.

Garlic is the most important food for such patients. It is natural and harmless aphrodisiac. It is highly useful for sexual debility and impotency patients. Garlic enables the person to gain sexual vigour.

Onion is good aphrodisiac food, increases libido and strengthens the reproductory organs.

Carrot +honey + half boiled egg increases the sex stamina as it helps to release sex hormones and strengthen the sexual plexus.

The root powder of lady’s finger along with milk and misri enhances sexual vigour.

Dried dates are highly beneficial for increasing sexual power.

Black raisins are useful for restoration of sexual vigour if it taken in the proportion of 30 grams of raisins with 200 ml of milk, three times a day.

Proper massage all over the body is highly beneficial in the treatment of impotence as it revives the muscular vigour.

Cold hip bath for 7-10 minutes in the morning or evening is good for proper erection.

How yoga helps in erectile dysfunction

Certain asanas are highly effective for potency. These as asanas are Dhanurasana, Sarvangasana, and Halasana and Matsyasana. Bandh are beneficial too in case of sexual debility.

Erectile dysfunction at old stage

Sexual potency depends upon good physical, mental health as well as your attitude. Having these characteristics, one may continue sex even in the late stage of life.

What is sexual arousal?

Sexual arousal happens by stimulated touch, gentle massage, soothing environment, sight and smell and from thoughts; nerve impulses that adjust hormone levels and control muscles and arteries. All these helps to right flow of blood to penis and make it firm.

Erectile dysfunction precautions

The patient should avoid smoking, alcohol, tea, coffee, and all processed, canned, refined and denatured foods, especially white sugar and white flour and products made there from.

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