Learn How To Do Bhujangasana Step By Step: Cobra Pose Benefits and Precautions

What is Bhujangasana?

Bhujangasana or Cobra pose is one of the important yogasanas of prone lying position. In the final stage, the yoga pose is looks like as a hood of a snake or cobra that’s why named as Cobra pose or Bhujangasana. This is one of the 12 yoga poses of Suryanamaskar that comes at number 7.Bhujangasana step by step


Bhujangasana step by step

Let’s know how to perform Bhujangasana step by step. Here, the different steps have been explained with correct technique of Cobra pose systematically and scientifically. Each step has been elaborated with the help of Yoga pose so that maximum benefits can be achieved even by a lay man.

Bhujangasana step 1

    • Lie down on stomach with legs together and toes should be pointed outward.
    • Your arms should be beside your thighs.
    • Chin should be on the ground.

Bhujangasana step by step


Bhujangasana step 2

Brings your arms in front of your head and shoulder.

Arms should be parallel to each other.Bhujangasana step by step



Bhujangasana step 3

    • Fold hands at the elbows.
    • Place palms on the ground to the sides of the shoulder.

Bhujangasana step by step


 Bhujangasana step 4

    • Inhale, slowly raise the head, neck and shoulders up to the navel or beyond it.
    • Raise the chin as high as possible.
    • Maintain it as long as you can do.
    • Exhale, bring your body down.

Bhujangasana step by step


Bhujangasana step 5

Those who have back pain should have gap between the legs.Bhujangasana step by step


Top 10 benefits of Bhujangasana

  1. Cobra pose for weight loss: Maintaining the pose for a longer period of time will help to burn belly fat and gradually ensures flat stomach. It also regulates your metabolism and keeps watch on your weight.
  2. Bhujangasana yoga for thyroid disease: The symptoms of thyroid can be minimised by regular practice of cobra pose. For this, you have to take stretching on your neck region by raising your chin towards the roof or sky.
  3. Cobra pose for back pain: This is one of the best yoga for back pain treatment.
  4. Bhujangasana for healthy spine: If you want to make your spine healthy and flexible and desire to get rid of stiff spine, practice this yoga regularly.
  5. Cobra pose for asthma: It ensures maximum lungs capacity thus helps from asthmatic attacks and respiratory congestion.
  6. Bhujangasana for gynaecological problems: The practice of this yoga is good for ovary, uterus and menstrual cycle. It relieves you from many gynaecological conditions and strengthens your reproductive organs.
  7. Cobra pose for digestion: It ensures proper secretion of gastric juices thereby helps in many gastric problems such as indigestion, constipation, stomach disorders, etc.
  8. Yoga for sciatic pain: If it perform in the presence of an experienced instructor, it is quite helpful in reliving from sciatic pain.
  9. Yoga for stress management: It is quite helpful in relieving of stress, anxiety and fatigue. To a greater extent, it is a stress buster and anxiety reliever.
  10. Best yoga for flexibility: Regular practice of this yoga pose helps to develop overall flexibility of your entire body.


Bhujangasana precautions and contradictions

Some of the important precautions of cobra pose are given below. While having below conditions, one shouldn’t practice it.

  • Pregnancy
  • Fracture ribs
  • Wrists problems
  • Abdominal surgery
  • Hernia
  • Headache
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Sever back problems
  • Migraine
  • Severe shoulder and elbow problems




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