Everything You Need To Know About Face Yoga

Yoga is the way to go when we talk about leading a healthy lifestyle. You may already be aware of all the various mental and physical benefits that yoga offers. But here’s something you might not have heard of before – face yoga. If you want to maintain your beauty without having to resort to expensive creams or serums, try face yoga. It firms the muscles in your face and eliminates wrinkles and is the perfect solution to look younger. Here are a few face yoga exercises you need to know.

Exercises For Face Yoga

Facial Yoga

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  • The Smile Perfector

Stretch your cheeks by making a small ‘O’ shape with your lips. Open your jaw wide while doing it. Slowly widen your lips as if you are smiling, making sure you hide your teeth. Repeat this a couple of times to get rid of sagging skin and cheek lines. You can also stretch the muscles around your lips and jaws with the jaw release exercise. That involves you moving your mouth as if you were eating.

  • Firm And Taut Cheeks

Don’t we all love firm cheeks? Well, for this one, you need to puff out both cheeks, one at a time. If you need a cheek uplift then this is perfect for your cheekbones. You can do so by shifting the air from one side to the other, say about 5-6 times. Then, when you release the air, make a small ‘O,’ making sure to firm the cheeks. Another way you can uplift those cheekbones is by smiling widely and using your fingers to push the cheeks upwards.

  • Long Neck, Firm Jaw

What’s a structured face without a prominent jawline? For this one, all you need to do is look up at the ceiling. Look up and hold the position for a few seconds and repeat it a couple of times, making sure you stretch your neck out nicely. This will help you achieve high cheekbones and a beautiful and prominent jawline which would only give you a younger look.

  • Bright And Beautiful Eyes

Droopy eyes and crow’s feet can make you look much older than you actually are. Try this exercise to brighten those beautiful eyes. Close your eyes and press your middle fingers on the center corner of each eyebrow. While applying pressure, place your index fingers on the outer corners of the brows. Now, squint in this position, and repeat it along with squeezing the eyes shut for a few seconds. You can even smoothen your brows by simply opening your eyes wide and focusing at a point.

  • No More Wrinkles

For this one, you are basically stretching out your entire face. Open your eyes wide and lift your brows as high as you can go. What’s more, now unbolt your mouth and fuse your tongue exposed. In this position exhale through your mouth and repeat a couple of times. After each rep follows by clenching all your facial muscles and closing your fists and eyes and inhale.

  • Eliminate Double Chins

No more double chin with facial yoga! It tones the neck and eliminates jowls and sagging of skin. Look straight up, place your fingers at the bottom of your neck, and pull the skin slightly downwards while tilting the head back. Bring your head back and forth a few times to firm the neck.


Why Facial Yoga?

Face yoga is always a better option compared to those overpriced botox or facelift treatments. These treatments are unsuitable, unnatural, and time-consuming and do not guarantee satisfactory results. On the other hand, face yoga costs nothing – all it needs is your time each day. And it is risk-free. In comparison to those toxic creams and anti-aging serums, it is also a safer choice. Facial yoga is a 100% natural method, and with practice, it can give you promising results – like glowing and smoother skin. It releases tension that leads to deeper wrinkles in the face. It also slows down the aging process by helping the muscles relax.


Transform your face and say goodbye to chubby cheeks and fine lines with face yoga. Apart from firming your facial muscles, it can also make you feel good by boosting your self-esteem and confidence. And when you look good, you feel good. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing these simple face exercises and get the face of your dreams!

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