How Simple Yoga Poses and Exercises Relieve Constipation

Faulty lifestyle, improper food habits, irregular sleeping pattern, inactiveness to exercise are some the important factors for constipation. Constipation cases are more prevalent at the later stage. Along with Yoga, one should take more water, more fibre vegetables, more roughage and least stress.

List of Yoga poses to cure constipation

Constipation is the breeding ground for many illnesses and diseases. Yogasanas, Pranayama are quite beneficial for constipated bowel.

Bhujanghasana: is extremely beneficial in easing from constipation, gas and flatulence. The asana also keep the female reproductive organs
healthy. Increases appetite and makes the spine flexible.
Pavan Muktasana: It gives relief from flatulence and constipation. It also helps in reducing abdominal fats.
Halasana: Relieves constipation and keep the spine supple. It keeps healthy thyroids and parathyroid glands and helps in preventing diabetes
Trikonasana helps to pass stool easily and good for constipation cure.
Kapalbhati is extremely useful for chronic constipation patient.
Ardha Matsyendrasana improves digestion and aid in constipation relief.
Vajrasana: Improves the functioning of whole digestive system.
Dhanurasana: It able to pass stool easily.
Sarvangasana: Improve digestion and relieves from the problem of constipation.
Mayurasana: Good for indigestion.
Shalabhasana: Strengthens the abdominal muscles, beneficial for digestion and relieves constipation.
Paschimottanasana: Practising yoga like this removes severe constipation.
Pranayama: This yoga practice is excellent to ease from all forms of constipation. It is a panacea for constipation patients.


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