Common Cold Prevention and Treatment through Homeopathy

Common cold generally involves a running nose, nasal congestion and sneezing. It may also be accompanied by sore throat, cough, headache, or other symptoms. It is better to consult your nearby physicians if the condition didn’t improve after 3-4 days.Common Cold Homoeopathy Treatment, Cure, home remedies and prevention

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Homeopathy medicine for common cold


The medicine aconite is prescribed by the physicians when attack of common cold happen suddenly after exposure to very cold weather or intense hot weather of summer. The medicine is most suitable to take as soon as the complaint starts.


The medicine is used with the symptoms like watery discharge, sneezing, burning sensation in nostril, with weakness and restlessness and increase thrust.

Allium cepa:

Allium cepa is used in case of irritating nasal discharge, but non-irritating tears.


Non-irritating nasal discharge but acrid tears.

Justicia a.

Common cold with cough, sneezing, tightness of chest, hoarse voice, constipation

Sambucus n.

Nose blocked without nasal discharge in children, wake up at night frequently.

Cassia s.

Thin watery nasal discharge with sneezing.

Nux vom.

Chilliness, nose blocked, cold often alternate sides.

Rhus tox.

Common cold after getting wet, with feverish feeling and body ache.

Home Care and remedies for Common Cold

  • The patient should take adequate rest.
  • Drinks more and more water including other fluids.
  • In the winter season, it is better to stay at home so avoid cold exposure.
  • Inhale steam for at least five minutes, in chronic cases, one may also used Vicks for better and quick result.
  • Cover yourself properly from top to bottom.

Prevention for Common cold

  • Wash your hands properly after nose wiping.
  • Also wash your hands before eating foods and after toilet.
  • If you come across disinfectant, wash the touched part.
  • Mother should feed your kids as breast milk is known to protect against respiratory infections even years after breastfeeding is done.
  • Drink plenty of water to balance and smooth functioning of the immune system.
  • It is suggested to keep away from the infected person.

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