Beetroot Soup for Heart, Kidney and Digestion

Beet root soup is a good appetizer, helps to make the digestion process efficient and smooth. Since, it is abundance with fibre, eases constipation, helpful in case of indigestion. Good stimulator for Heart and Kidney.Beetroot Soup for Heart, Kidney and Digestion

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Beetroot soup benefits for healthy heart

  • It is quite effective to increase appetite in winter.
  • It gives you quick energy because of good content of carbohydrate.
  • It has adequate quantity of minerals.
  • Beetroot soup is a good source of mineral and fibre. As it is having high fibre thereby effective for digestive process.
  • Strengthen the heart muscles.
  • Good for Kidney.
  • Helps in smooth functioning of gall bladder.
  • The recipe gives a sense of hotness in cold.

How to make beetroot soup?

Beetroot: 300gm
Tomatoes:  3
Coriander Leaves: 15 gram
Water: 500 ml.

Method for Preparation

Wash beetroot properly. Cut it into small pieces. Tomatoes should also be mashed. Boil all these in water along with coriander leaves for 10 minutes.  Blend it with hand blender and strain. Put some  quantity of salts as per desired.

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