Baby Massage Techniques, Tips and Benefits

Is massage good for baby infant?

Massage is very important tool for the overall growth and development of the baby. In the beginning journey of kid life, the body, bones, muscles and organs are quite soft and delicate. So to strengthen them as well as to improve immunity system and resistance power, massage can play a vital role in this direction. Massage with sesame oil or medicated oil is extremely beneficial for new born baby. Warm oil, Water bath and Dry powder calamus are some of the important things required for baby massage. Ayurvedic massage is also deep rooted in Indian culture.

Step by step techniques  for baby Massage

In India, women masseur are expert enough in giving traditional massage which is easy, effective and good for health point of view. In the new born baby, the skull bones are not fused properly, so gentle and careful massage should be done here by putting adequate quantity of oil on the anterior fontanel.

The baby should put on the supine position on her back and gentle and light massage should be done on the abdomen, chest, forehead, cheek, eyes, nose, hands, legs, fingers, etc. Massaging the legs and hands, little bit stretching and rubbing should be done

After then, back massage should be done. It easier in comparison to the abdominal massage because palming massage may be done soothingly and gently. While doing massage over the body, proper natural oil should be used.

The baby should be given bath after 10 minutes so that oil get absorb and body temperature normalize. Warm water bath should be preferred. Dry the body quickly with soft towel and powder of calamus on the head is also recommended as calamus is dry in nature that check cough and cold.

Baby Massage Tips

Amazing health benefits of baby massage

• It is a good form of exercise or passive exercise for the kid.
• Good for digestion and control gas formation.
• It is a good relaxation technique for the infants.
• Enhance immune system.
• Stimulate blood circulation
• Develop resistance power
• Stimulates various internal physiological functions.
• Maintains and regulates body temperature.


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