Ayurveda improves Sexual vitality, Cardiac functions & Memory

There are herbs which revitalize and refresh the body. In Ayurveda, a number of herbs are known for esteemed rejuvenator. Some herbs show astonishing features like prevent ageing, improving memory and sexual vitality, treat cardiac debility, good for heart, liver, kidney, etc. Here, few important herbs are being mentioned which invigorating the body and also showing the features of making a person younger and longer.Ayurveda improves Sexual vitality, Cardiac functions & Memory
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Ayurvedic Herbs for Heart, Liver, Kidney and Memory

  • Amalaki: Chyavanaprash is the important product of Amalaki. Chyanvanprash is extremely effective for preventing ageing cough and asthma; improve complexion, memory and sexual vitality.
  • Arjuna: The drug is a good choice for cardiac debility.
  • Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha): It is the best tonic for all round development of body and mind. Given for tuberculosis and sexual debility. Acts as a stimulant for mental stress.
  • Country Mallow: It is rejuvenative and stimulant for heart, sexual debility and tuberculosis.
  • Trailing Eclipta: Fresh leaves juice and milk prevents the ageing process, and the herb is considered as the best rejuvenating drug.
  • Beleric Myrobalan: It is endowed with unique features such as prevent ageing, impart longevity, and enhance body resistance against diseases.
  • Brahmi: It is the rejuvenator and pacifier for the brain.
  • Guduchi: provide longevity, enhances memory and give fair complexion to the body.
  • Indian Bedellium: important drug for arthritis, spondylosis, rheumatoid arthritis and paralysis.
  • Turmeric: Known for fair complexion, and effective for diabetes.
  • Chebulic Myrobalan: It is the best rejuvenating ayurvedic herb.
  • Indian Spikenard: Improves memory and intelligence. It is beneficial in neurological disorders.
  • Neem: Treat diseases and disorders like hyperacidity, skin rashes, intestinal worm infestation, bleeding disorders, fever, and good antiseptic.
  • Hog Weed: Best herb to alleviate swelling and lessen fluid retention in the body.
  • Garlic: It heals up factures, increases strength and inflames blood and bile.
  • Silk Cotton Tree: Treated piles, dysentery and colitis.
  • Shatavari: Increases breast milk when nursing mother is given it with milk.
  • Sesame: It is one of the best rejuvenatives in food and medicine measures.
  • Sweet Flag: Rejuvenator for children nervous system.
  • Liquorice Promotes wound healing, ¬†imparts longevity and maintains youth.

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