Amalaki Benefits for Hair, Skin and Weight Loss

Amalaki is known as mother or nurse, is beneficial for hair, skin and weight loss. It is good for digestive tract, blood purification, liver detoxification and removes excess pitta from gastro-intestinal tract. It helps to strengthen the immune system.


Amazing uses of amalaki

    1. Amalaki is an excellent rasayana (ayurvedic rejuvenation).
    2. Good for digestion and liver detoxification
    3. Beneficial for blood purification
    4. A powerful antioxidant thus reduces the activity of free radicals.
    5. It is having the richest source of vitamin C.
    6. It is good for hair and skin.
    7. Amalaki is effective for weight loss.
    8. Useful in treating of cough, cold, sore throat and respiratory tract infection.
    9. Having chemo-toxicity qualities.

  1. It contains minerals like carbohydrate, citric acid, calcium, vitamin A and iron.
  2. It is used as home remedy for heart disease.
  3. Strengthen the immune system.
  4. It is used as healing herbs.
  5. It is an integral component of Triphala.
  6. It is used both as food as well as medicine.
  7. Used as aphrodisiac
  8. Used in mouth ulcer because of enriched content of vitamin C
  9. Smooth the elimination process of the body.
  10. Nourishing and strengthening the body.
  11. It promotes vitality.

amalaki benefits

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5 Wonder benefits of amalaki


  1. Amalaki for hair: The fruit juice is used for a hair-wash to prevent premature greying and hair fall. It imparts a beautiful lustre and smoothens the hair.
  2. Skin: Because of its cooling and cleansing attributes, it is good for skin. Application of the fruit pulp on the skin helps to pacify the burning sensation and skin rashes. Sesame oil enhanced with Amalaki,for body massage to promote the complexion of the skin. It prevents
    wrinkling and keeps the skin healthy.
  3. Weight Loss: The dry powder massage (Udgharshana) with triphalapowder help to reduce the subcutaneous fats in obesity.
  4. Eyesight: Daily eyewash with triphala-water improves the eyesight.
  5. Body lustre: The mix of the paste of rind of Haritaki fruit and Amalaki, along with roots of Jatamansi when applied before bathing, helps to make the body fragrant and lustrous.


Amalaki overview

Amalaki has rejuvenating and anti-ageing power. It is an integral component of Chyavanaprash. The amalaki fruit is considered as one of the strongest rejuvenators in traditional medicine. It prevents aging, retains youthfulness and is acclaimed as the universal rasayana. The plant grows throughout India, 8-19 metres in height. The fruits are globose, pale yellow, fleshy. The Banarasi variety of fruits is supposed to be the best. The fruiting occurs in the winter:


Amalaki Chyavanaprash

The wonderful preparation of amalakiis Chyavanaprash, which is known as rejuvenator and disease protector. The use of Chyavanaprash with a glass of milk prevents aging, improves complexion, memory and sexual vitality. It is mood booster and simultaneously prevents cough, asthma, sexual debility and gout.


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