15 Wonder Health Benefits of White Noise

What is white noise?

White light is the amalgam of all the components of light i.e. VIBGYOR. It means white light is consisted of violet indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. In the same way when all the possible sound frequencies are played combined of which the human ear can hear, the result is the production of white noise. It’s not a noise; in fact, it is white gentle sound like the sound of wind rustling through trees. One of the best examples of white noise is soothing sound of ocean waves. When this sound is mixed with music, it leads to hypnotism and relaxation.

Is white noise good for health?

I do my meditation with white noise sound for a long time. It helps me to imbibe the very essence of yoga and myself benefited with physiological, psychological and spiritual aspects. Over the times, I feel that it helps me in focusing, concentration, intuition, emotional stability and productivity. It also helps to develop my self-confidence and will power. Thanks to use soothing white noise music during my meditation course.

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Surprising benefits of white noise

White Noise has surprising health benefits. It is one of the finest forms of sound source to make you ease, de-stress you and help to relax. White noise can help you to go deeper in meditation and an effective platform for your sound sleep. It improves your mental cognition, greater mind clarity and peaceful relaxation. It has so many therapeutic benefits. Some of the surprising benefits are being mentioned below:

  1. White noise for meditation: If you want to extract the greater benefits of meditation, it is recommended to apply white noise. It will lead you towards deeper meditation.
  2. Baby sleeping by combating colic: Babies are crying a lot due to colic. The sound will give them a soothing environment and will be helpful to make them asleep.
  3. Relieves sleeping disorder: A number of people are complaining about sleeping disorder. The sound can be an effective tool for insomnia patients by combating sleeplessness or restlessness.
  4. Reduces ear ringing: Some people are complaining about ear ringing, white noise will be helpful in reducing tinnitus.
  5. White noise for ADHD: The use of while noise can show encouraging results with Children suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) in their attention and learning domains.
  6. Good for attention: It draws your attention without disturbing your emotional quotient.
  7. Develops mental clarity: It removes your mental disturbances and confusion, thus good for the quietness of mind.
  8. Relaxes patients: It can play a pivotal role in relaxing the hypnotherapist patients.
  9. Increases productivity: The pleasing sound has the power to enhance your productivity.
  10. Improves concentration: It improves your work efficiency and concentration by preventing outside disturbances.
  11. Good for study: It saves you from other sound disturbances such as loud congestion area, roommate snoring, etc.
  12. As a masking acoustic system: It can mask the sound of co-workers, sound of office machines, thus it is more conducive for your cubical offices as well as to maintain your privacy.
  13. Prevents vertigo: The pleasing sound helps to contend vertigo and dizziness.
  14. Helps ICU patients: It helps the patients of ICU by combating other sounds of the area thus developing a relaxing aroma.
  15. Use in Aeroplane: It can be used in flight and hotel rooms to ease from annoying sounds and helps to ensure peaceful environment.

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