Top 10 Facts to De-Stress, Mood Booster for Civil Service Aspirants, UPSC

Stress is the silent enemy that erode you from within mentally, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Stress can wear and tear your bodies thereby reduces the productivity and efficiency.
Exam stress has greatly trickled down to the youngsters. A large number of student appear in competitive exams like Civil Services conducted by UPSC, Indian Forest Services(IFS), Management exams, Engineering entrance tests, Banking Exams, etc., in all these exams, the students fail to manage stress, anxiety and depression that lead to poor performance in the exam thereby frustration and disappointment.
Best Ways to De-stress and Manage your body and mind

  1. Practice simple Yoga like Asanas, Kapalbhati, Pranayama and Meditation ( for 10-15 minutes). Yoga is one of the finest ways to make you de-stress, manage your stress, anxiety and depression. It is a mood booster and stress buster. Meditation not only calm you, yet increases your memory, concentration, sharpen your brain and grasping power. If you have no time, simply practice meditation for 10 minutes and see the difference
  2. Take sound sleep as it make you fresh and also enhances your memory and recalling power. Tips for sound sleep.
  3. Practice some sports like morning or evening walking, brisk walk(top 10 benefits of Brisk Walk), cycling, swimming, jogging, etc.
  4. Eat well-balanced and nutritious meals, especially green vegetables as these help to provide you adequate fibre and roughage thereby solve the problem of constipation, maintain your ideal weight.
  5. If possible avoid excessive use of Tea, Coffee, Smoking, and other stimulants as these increases your acidity. It is generally seen that students are suffered with acidity and hyperacidity during exams.
  6. Listen to music, songs, gazal, have time go to movie.
  7. Go with your friend out for some time or the park for enjoyment.
  8. Find a hobby, a creative pursuit.
  9. Instead about complaining the work, try to do it with cheerful attitude.
  10. Make a conscious effort to stay in touch with old friends

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