How to Succeed in Telephonic Interview: Commonly asked Questions & Answers

The Interviewers put very tricky and meaningful questions before the candidates to assess and judge their mental, intellectual levels and other qualities. They get succeed in their manoeuvring even without having the face to face interaction. The following Questions are generally asked during Telephonic Interview. There suggestive and suitable answers are also mentioned. However, brainstorming sessions may also be performed with friends and colleagues before facing these interviews.

What are the questions asked during Telephonic interview?

What are the reasons behind leaving your present Organisation?
For all the answers, the candidates should maintain cool and calm gesture. One shouldn’t blame ones earlier office, in fact you should start your answer by putting the words like career growth, learning environment, challenging atmosphere, nurturing skill, etc. Salary and remuneration aspects should be skipped.

What’s your profile in the present Office?

Whatever, experience you have gained in your present organisation, should be the aspect of your answer. Work you handle in the organisation, narrate before the interviewer.

How much time you need to join, if you get selected?

It should be 10 to 15 days. You shouldn’t motioned the exact time and date.

Tell me about yourself

It includes your name, your qualifications and experiences.

What about your Qualifications?

Giving answers for such type of questions, you are required to mentioned both Academic as well as Professional Qualifications. If possible, you should also highlight your marks distinction and other achievements.

Professional experience and company profile

Professional experience should start from your existing organisation. You should also name your other organisations where you have worked earlier.

What are your Weakness?

One shouldn’t stretch such answers. It is preferable to narrate two or maximum three weaknesses, as these may provide different notions in front of interviewers. You may tell them that sometimes you get nervous. You may also touch your emotional aspects.

Tell  me about your strength

During answering strength points, you are required to highlights your Punctuality, Positive attitude, Hard worker, Self-Confidence, Able to face the Challenges, Learn from mistakes, Good communicative skills, Problem-solving ability, etc.

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