Corporate Communication Jobs and Recruitments

Meaning of Corporate Communication

The penetration of Globalization and Urbanisation has redefined the marketing techniques and strategy for industries. The main motto of communication is the free flow access of communication in the hierarchy (top to bottom and bottom to top ) for better facilitation of work. Communication is the pivotal component for any organisation. It helps to connect between the organisation and organisation, and organisation to public.

The significance of communication is greatly increased in corporate world. The corporate communication includes Advertising, Marketing communication, Marketing and Public Relation.

What is Corporate Communication?

Corporate Communication means the communication that is used for business purposes of the organisation. Corporate Communication plays key roles among the organisation, stakeholders and publics. Corporate communication is the effective medium for the overall growth of a company where the channels like media, advertising, marketing and public relation play important roles. All these medium directly or indirectly regulates the organisation’s communication, letters, memos, reports, online media, website, new initiatives, etc.  There are two types of corporate communication-Internal Communication(happens within the organisation) and External Communication(communication between two companies).

Corporate Communication Jobs

If you know the skills of communication to handle the clients, publics, organisation for betterment of the company; lucrative jobs are not far from you. You should know how to make a good rapport and strategy with brand management, advertising agencies, sponsorship holders, event mangers and media. Many Jobs are available in corporate communication sector like Manager, Senior Manager, Assistant Manager, Executives, Corporate Trainer Executive, Area Marketing Manager, Corporate Relationship Manager, Brand manger etc.,

The pay package is good in the industry. With a degree in communication along with suitable skills, one can get placement in the range of 4-5 lakh. If you have a relevant experience, the may touch 8-10 lakh per annum.  At the entry level, one can get 25-30 thousands rupees per month.

Career in Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication has great scope both at India and abroad seeing multifarious development in various domains of corporate world. Corporate Communication offers career in marketing, brand management, communications, e-commerce, journalism, mass media, promotions, event management, merchandising, sponsorship, etc. Media has revolutionise the corporate world. One can see radical change in this sector and after globalisation, the scope of corporate communications has touched the new level. Those who have flair of communication skill and ability to write, can make a niche in this lucrative business field. The major part of the corporate communication image is tackled by the communication manager.  Employment opportunities are available as media director, manager, corporate communication officer, consultant,  HR, and marketing entrepreneur.

Degree in English is preferably opted for the entry level. MBA , diploma or degree in media is the added advantage.  However, the most vital part is the ability to judge the situation and accordingly, defend your organisation before the clients or public with your personal skills.

Corporate Communication Skills

Following are the skills that are needed in corporate communication

  • Articulation and good proper manipulation of ideas.
  • Effective writing skill.
  • Transmission of communication within and outside the organisation.
  • Development and execution of communication strategies.
  •  Coordination
  • Crisis management
  • Proper execution of plan and policies
  • Negotiating skills
  • Ability to develop projects and strategies.
  • Motivation development among employees
  • Effective communication between managers and executives

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