Computer and Health Care Issues, Yoga for Computer Injuries and Risks

Computer health side-effects

The work culture has changed considerably after the biggest technological upheaval in the form of computers and Information Technology. The monotonous focused work culture and repetitive work environment on computer add to the physical, physiological, psychological, moral, social, emotional and mental strain and agony to a large number of people across the globe, especially the professionals and technocrats. Though, lots of computer related health problems is being observed among the computer users, yet disorders like visual, musculoskeletal, mental and emotional are quite common who constantly sit on computers.Yoga for Computer Injuries and RisksImage courtesy of imagerymajestic at

Computer causes eye diseases

Computer being an indispensable tool in today’s office environment, vision problems, sometimes acute vision symptoms are seen in workplace. In computer related health complaints, Eye problems are the most common ailment who use computer for longer periods. Staring on Desktop may cause headache,  eyestrain, blurred vision, dry & irritated eyes, slow refocusing, neck ache,  backache, sensitivity to light, double vision and colour distortion. Millions and millions people are suffering from visual problems due to stretch computer sitting.

Neck pain and back pain due to computer use

Musculoskeletal problems or repetitive strain injuries are common phenomenon today. Prolonged and continued use of computers aggravates the condition.  A number of musculoskeletal disorders are being experienced due to repetitive use of computer. Long period of sitting cause problems in neck, back, shoulder, hand, wrist and armpit. Pain, swelling, numbness & tingling, loss of strength is also related with it.

Techno stress due to computer

The wave of computer revolution has raised many health questions seeing the ever increasing demand of this equipment.  The computer users are gradually engulfing by stress and anxiety that’s appropriately termed as Technostress. The state of technostress is further worsening by heavy workload at office, tight deadline, pressure from seniors, etc.

Yoga poses for Computer Related Health Problems

Yoga has the power to rejuvenate the mechanism of body, mind and soul. Yoga therapy being a refreshing process as well as a cost-effective solution eradicates the disease very from its root. Yoga has enough potential in preventive and curative domains. If follow properly, enables holistic health thereby impact on the overall development of the personality. Following Yogic practices and exercises are quite useful for computer related health problems

  • Padahastasana
  • Shashankasana
  • Setubandhasana
  • Shalabhasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Suryanamaskar
  • Kapalbhati
  • Nadishoddi pranayama
  • Taratak: up and down, side (right and left), diagonal( right and left),  rotation( clockwise and anti clockwise)
  • Relaxation: Balasana, Makrasana and Shavasana
  • Loosening Exercise
  • Hand Movements: clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Elbow Movement: in and out
  • Wrist Rotation: clockwise and anti-clockwise, in and out
  • Hip rotation: clockwise and anti clockwise
  • Neck Movements: Up and down, right and left, rotation-clockwise and anti-clockwise

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