Top 10 Tips to Control, Manage and Defeat Diabetes

1. Avoid all sugary products, sweets, juices and very sweet fruits like Sapota, oily foods, and all artificial foods like fizzy drinks, packed/canned foods, chocolates, bakery products, etc.
2. Diets rich in fibre, roughage, green and leafy vegetables are beneficial.

3. Consume lower sugar/low glycerine index diet foods such as bitter gourd, sprouts, neem, legumes, turmeric, amla, jamun, as these foods help to control blood sugar.
4. Eat about the same amounts of food each day.
5. Practice Yoga, asanas, pranayama kriyas and meditation for 30 minutes every day, one can manage diabetes effectively.
6. Don’t skip meal or snacks.
7. Exercise is recommended, especially in the morning.
8. Avoid maida in form of white bread, nan, pizza, burger, too much consumption of corn flour, white rice, fried potatoes, and underground vegetables should also be discourage for better blood glucose control.
9. Avoid too much tea/coffee as they decrease the nutrient absorption and acts as a diuretic.
10. Cut down too much of butter, ghee, oil, as a high concentration of fat in the foods tend to decrease the insulin action on the cells.

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