Raw Food Diet Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

1. The most important portion of vegetable food is water, which is abundant in natural salts, and vitamins, is lost along with the natural flavour and taste in cooking.
2. Raw fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, and cereals contain defensive as well as the best nutritive elements.
3. Raw food necessitates thorough chewing that facilitates adequate juice secretion by the digestive system along with good exercise of teeth.
4. Raw foods protect from gastric problems due to having enough roughage, also doesn’t decompose or ferment rapidly as in case of cooked food, and strengthen teeth owing to proper mastication of these foods. The fibre parts cleanse your bowel.
5. Raw food supplies carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, fats, salts in natural, live and whole form. All these pure and natural aspects helps to maintain body temperature.
6. The nutritive value of food get lost in making food tasteful by cooking, processing, refining, preserving, pickling, and mixing chemical colours and spices that decreases the nutrition, digestibility and increases the sickness.
7. Cooked food contain vegetable ghee (hydrogenated oil ) which is ruinous to health affecting the heart and other vital organs of the body.
8. The practice of cooking not only decreases the food values and its digestibility but also undermines the digestive power of the people.
9. Mastication, natural taste, and full satiation eliminate the possibility of overeating thereby there is a greater possibility to reduce weight and overcome obesity.
10. Raw food is extremely beneficial for the aged people as it helps in rejuvenation.

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