Obesity and Acidity are the Side-effects of Sugar (White Poison)

Initially, sugar gives us satisfaction and quick energy but it devoid us from many essential nutrients like protein, minerals, roughage, vitamin, etc. 100 gram of Sugarcane juice gives  only 39 calorie while 100 gram of Sugar provides 400 calorie that is equivalent to five chapattis. Too much use of sugar leads to obesity, high level of cholesterol, and invite so many health hazards.Sugar - A White PoisonImage courtesy of thepathtraveler / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Today’s markets are flooded with different types of sugar that have various chemicals in its composition. This leads to acidity and production of different toxins in the body.

Side-Effects of Sugar

  • More intake of sugar disturbs the digestion activity and reduces the pace of its various mechanisms.
  • Prolong use of sugar causes Acidity and Hyperacidity as alkanity of it get destroys while extracting of
    sugar from sugarcane.
  • Excessive use of sugar leads to stomach burning and ulcer.
  • Incidence of heart diseases is almost negligible if sugar is not given since childhood.
  • Causes decaying and other diseases of teeth.
  • The patient feels pretend hungriness, more sweating, shivering, and trembling, all these symptoms are
    responsible for Hypoglucomia.

What is the Substitute of Sugar?

We should use natural fruits, grapes, jaggery, date, honey, sugarcane juice, milk, etc.  Fruits contain Fructose and Glucose that easily absorbed in the body. Fruit’s sugars are easily digested in the body without any negative impacts.  In fact, fruits sugar are known as pre-digested foods that’s why after taking fruits juice gives us instant energy.

Sugar Disease Causing Foods

Sugar contains polysaccharides that needs more time for digestion in comparison to fruits sugar. So, it is better to avoid sweets, halwa, ice-cream, jam, jelly, cake, chocolate, Sharbat, pastry, cold drinks, etc.

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