How Juices are Beneficial for Health

 Are juices good for Health

Raw fruits and vegetables have nutrients in the best proportion to nourish and synergize the body. The adequate quantity of minerals, vitamins and enzymes make the body detoxifying and rejuvenating. There is no as such time bound to take juice. It can be taken at any time throughout the day. Juice therapy enhances energy levels, relieves fatigue and boost up sagging spirits of the body.Health Benefits Of juiceImage courtesy of samuiblue at

Hidden health benefits of juices

• Juice of green leafy and yellow vegetables like spinach, carrot, yellow pumpkin contains vitamin A, riboflavin and iron which are extremely beneficial for the body.
• Citrus fruits, tomato and raw cabbage provide ascorbic acid and iron.
• Fresh fruits and vegetables juice eradicate flaws and faults very from its roots.
• Cabbage juice has ulcer healing properties.
• For liver detoxification, Beetroot juice is recommended.
• Pineapple juice has adequate amount of protein digester enzymes and a good remedy for sore throat.
• Juice of orange, lemon, banana and papaya is beneficial for indigestion.
• For constipation, juice of beetroot, garlic and spinach is preferred.

Danger & side-effects of juices

• The seeds of lemon, grapes and lime are not harmful while seeds of apple must be removed due to presence of cyanides. So utmost care should be taken in case of children.
• Bottled and canned juices are not favourable for health due to lacking of healthy nutrients.
• Cabbage juice is should not be taken empty stomach.

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