How to Make Buttermilk Without Milk

 How to make Buttermilk without Milk

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How to make healthy homemade buttermilk?

Ingredients required:

Coconut gratings -½ coconut

Raw Mango– ½

Ginger- in a very small quantity

Curry leaves-few

Green chilly-1

Salt depend on choice

First of all add one glass of water to the coconut gratings. Mix it well.

 Grind properly to rest of the ingredients if needed with little quantity of water.  Now, add this mix to the mixture of coconut gratings and water.  Again add 2 glass of water to make it more dilute.    Jaggery can be added for taste.

Best benefits of Buttermilk

  1. It increases appetite.
  2. Helps to overcome digestive problems.
  3. An effective substitute who has allergic to milk.
  4. It may also give to the person who has respiratory problems.
  5. Helps to overcome weakness.
  6. It has the rejuvenating qualities thereby enable the person to give refreshing touch.

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