Defeat Cold by Basil Hot Beverage

Basil Tea is a herbal product that is extremely useful for Common cold and Cough. It is recommended to use it regularly, especially in the winter season to save from winter glitches.
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How to Make Basil Tea?

Basil (Tulsi) Leaves: 20
Water: 4 Cups
Jaggery if needed
Cardamom powder: in a very little quantity

Methods of Preparation

Select the fresh Basil leaves. Wash it properly before boiling it for 10 minutes. Strain it properly and add some quantity of jaggery and cardamom.

Basil Tea Health Benefits

1. It is quite useful for Common Cold and Cough.
2. It should be taken regularly in winter season to overcome the chronic of severe chill and freezing.
3. Good for different respiratory disorders.
4. It is also served during fever.

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