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Precautions and Preventions of High Blood Pressure

High BP is generally is known as lifestyle disorders.  Therefore, it is essential to bring positive changes in lifestyle, way of thinking and dietary pattern.   Adopt natural lifestyle instead of faulty one.  Morning and evening walk and sleeping at the right time is suggested. To a larger extent, sudden and unnatural changes in our daily lifestyle are responsible for high Blood Pressure (BP) or Hypertension. The rapid changes in the standard of living also triggered added disadvantages  that leads to diseases like High blood pressure, Obesity, Heart diseases, Insomnia Asthma and Diabetes.

  •  Follow your weight regime properly
  •  Exercise regularly.
  • Strenuous exercise should be avoided but morning an evening walk is beneficial
  • Give more weightage to fruits and vegetables.
  • Keep yourself away  from smoking
  • Keep the hectic, stressful, anxiety and strain lifestyle in check.
  • Decrease salt and fat intake.
  • Incompatible and irregular food habits, excessive oil, spicy ghee, butter, pickles, papad, aggravate the condition
  • Avoid alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, excess tea, coffee, etc.
  • Blood pressure should be checked regularly.
  • One meal should be consisted of raw foods and the second one should be of cooked foods
  • Take your meal slowly and in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • Late dinner should be avoided.
  • Walking is an excellent form of exercise for hypertension.
  • Bicycling, swimming and jogging are also good for high blood pressure. 
  • Patients are advised to take rest as and when required.
  • The intake of salt should be restricted. Baking powder should be avoided.


Alternative Treatment for High Blood Pressure