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Homeopathy for ADHD

Homeopathy considers and treats the child as a whole and tries to find out the root cause of the disease. Homeopathic medicine has in-built power to reduce hyperactivity, restlessness, and impulsivity in ADHD children. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder finds hopeful treatment with homeopathy. Homeopathy is a safe therapy for children who are suffering from ADHD, behavioural disorder and mental disorder.  ADHD disease is common in developed countries. Homeopath doctors are getting positive result with ADHD cases. Few of the homeopathic treatments and remedies are given here for ADHD child.

  • Tuberculinum are given to those children who are very impatient and get bored easily.
  • Stramonium prepared from thorn apple leaves is prescribed who has fears, restless, over energetic, fits of rage and terror at night. It is good ADHD treatment.
  • For restless and hurried child, medicine like tarentula hispanica may be taken.
  •  Cina helps improve the attention span.  
  • Aconite is given who has fears and sweating at night.
  • Anacardium is indicated to isolation and anxiety.
  • Argentum nitricum is prescribed for aggressive child.
  • Aranea ixabola is useful for disobey, mischievous and teasing child.
  • Aurum metallicum used with children who act like as adult.

Note: The information mentioned above is for knowledge purposes. Readers are advised to contact a doctor/expert/specialist.