AIDS News and Information: HIV Spread & Expansion

Relevance of sound health is no more important. Health is something more than the absence of diseases; it is a state of complete physical, mental, and social being. Men can mend or bend their own destiny. But men with ignorance and politics of confusion indulge themselves in heinous and odious social crimes that are unacceptable before the poverty rotten and to some extent civilized world society. Forgotten of traditional ethos and ethics, exerting upon immoral activities, gives birth to terror in the form of dreadful and fearful disease-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Acquired means–get infected with, Immune Deficiency means-vulnerability in fighting stinct, syndrome means–conglomeration and agglomeration of health problems that constitute disease.

What is HIV AIDS?

The Human Immunio Virus (HIV), enters inside the human being as a sweet slow poison and show its impression after a long period, when few things left to be done for the infected patients. HIV is a tiny micro-organism responsible for the dreadest melodrama of the world. The entire defensive mechanisms of the body get dwindle. In the realm of diseases, it may be considered as Pandora’s Box because it facilitates to have a enlarge horizon for all kinds of misfortunes.

How HIV Transmit?

The mental instability, trauma of insecurity, feeling of life threatening and death, all these come along with this itself. Feeling of negligence is the shocking and unavoidable truth for the persons who passing through the stage of such a dreadful heartbreaking. It leaves an infected person vulnerable to opportunistic infections. The susceptibility reaches at a climax when children born to HIV, positive mothers and left the young ones of being stumbling down before the apathetic society, its vibrating examples can be seen in some schools of Kerela, Maharasthra and in countries of Sub Saharan region. The virus weakens the immune system of the patient’s deceively and fires its crater (mouth), when the recipient is engulfed by an umbrella of evils like tuberculosis, pneumonia, persistent diarrhoea, fever and skin infection. This is the period when the patient is surrounded by all kinds of adversities and effectiveness of medicines deepened only upon mercy of God.

Revenue Loss Due to AIDS

The diseases affected the people in their prime working age, when the whole family depended on him, so potential and probable economic loss is huge on the family. Rescue from this peril can be imagined only in dream not with the existing well research and medicines.

Expansion of AIDS

AIDS has emerged as a frightening disease on global level and has the distinction of fast growing rate in some pockets of the world. No region of the world either developed or developing is spared by this social stigma and shame. The infection is not only confined to cities but also percolating to rural areas and general population speedily without giving any notions of fear to the naive masses. Dimension of this devil varies from nation to nation. However, in developing countries, ignorance, unawareness, poverty and above all education are the dominant factors for its ramification and hegemonial advancement. Its magnitude and sense of treatment have a discriminatory approach between the developed and developing world.

Contribution of G-8 in AIDS

The eight richest countries (USA, England, France, Germany, Russia, Canada, Japan &Italy) of the world has been mobilizing billions & billions dollars for the benefit of the AIDS affected nations. In spite of this, they are not playing the role of responsible guardians for the countries of AIDS affected zones especially in the Sub-Saharan region (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Botswana..), where the incidence of this devil is the highest. Knowingly or unknowingly, G-8 is batting here, without an effective umpire with the fragile players (Sub-Saharan nations) and the HIV infected people sharing their burden with illusion and delusion. However, the block’s huge monetary help is not the solution but its proper and effective management.

HIV/AIDS in Africa

This thickly HIV affected area of Kenya, Uganda, Botswana, etc., is a caste and conflict loaded region and is surrounded with political instability and also a battle rage field. So the real beneficiary is not the miserable recipients but some other sections. All these magnify and intensify the problems and the people lost hope from the administrative mechanism. On the other hand, the well to do block hardly transfer the sophisticated technology and well research medicines to the recipient nations. Here, the roles of G-8 become prominent for a wide and holistic execution of the programmes. In such a volatile environment and world of disillusionment the problems are perpetually enhanced and make an effective track for racing the other powerful nations for geopolitical purpose.

AIDS Expansion in India

HIV/AIDS may be a bigger health hazard for India and the epidemic may become like as in Africa unless immediate steps are taken to accelerate effort to stem out it. The number of women being newly infected with HIV in India is steadily rising. Gender inequalities in society left girl and young women socially and economically disadvantage and thus, increasing their vulnerability. The culture of science surrounding sex issues led them to remain ignorant of its spread and prevention. Furthermore, social norms and economic dependence and fear of violence often prevented them from insisting on prevention methods. Contributing regional risk factors include widespread stigma, discrimination, poverty, and inequality, illiteracy and low level of social status, porous border migration, culture restrictions on discussing sex and limited condom increase the factor of AIDS.

How Sex Education is Important for AIDS?

Since India is situated at the epicenter of AIDS, the melodrma may burst and can subscribe a large periphery. The spread of the disease from core to circumference is not a good sign for the society due to severely limitation of reliable information there. Our society has not only the illness of low effective information but filled with orthodoxy and superstition. All these develop obstacle and hurdle for effective stratagem against it. India may be the largest reservoir of this melodrama because of large population base & low level of sharing information. It makes the ground for holistic approach and introduction of sex education in school since very from the primary level. The school AIDS education can focus towards student youth to raise awareness levels, help young people to builds skill to resist peer groups and develop a safe and responsible lifestyles. Such a good and novel step will be act like as a catalyst for the society. This is really heart trending when we discarded and boycott people and young ones from the society and institutions respectively.

Role of NGO in AIDS

Media, civil society and NGOs can play a vital role for giving a right direction to the society. National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), is doing credible and praiseworthy job for spreading awareness and prevention of it. They are working in an intensive and interactive manner. They are spreading their message through communication, counseling, providing health care support, treatment for sexually transmitted infection and creating an enabling environment. The targeted intervention focuses on marginalized and vulnerable groups, like commercial sex workers, truck drivers, migrant labors, street children intervention drug users, homosexual etc. Seeing the gravity of the diseases, it will be hard for the government to tackle it alone, so the circumstances demand the participation of the private sectors too. If we want to change the direction of whole scenario, women should provided with political, social and economic emancipation and empowerment so that a positive result can expect in future. Above all there is a need to evolve mutual cooperation among these institutions and the masses.

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