5 Bedroom Blunders You Are Probably Doing

Getting intimate with a loved one or even just a casual fling is something that everyone can enjoy. It’s not all smooth moves and breath-taking climaxes though. Sometimes, you can make mistakes while under the covers, causing the mood to instantly plummet and possibly making the night end badly. Here are five of the most common mistakes found when making love and a few tips on how to avoid and/or deal with them.

Clumsy Movements

Intimacy is meant to be sensual, involving soft caresses, gentle kisses and plenty of foreplay. If you’re too clumsy during the act though, the mood is sure to sour very quickly indeed. Elbowing her in the face, laying on her hair, or being too rough can all result in a complete turn off for your partner. If something like this happens though, don’t dwell on it. Readjust your style, maybe even laugh it off, and you both can continue towards climax with no problems.5 Bedroom Blunders You Are Probably Doing

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Getting Gassy

It happens. You’re in the middle of making love when suddenly you have to burp or fart. This is unavoidable but totally manageable. For example, direct the gases away from her as much as possible. Burping into her mouth while you’re kissing is a definite no-no. Plus when it happens, again just laugh it off. Women appreciate a sense of humour and light-heartedness. If you’re too stressed about farting while under the covers, she’ll get stressed too and the mood will be instantly broken.


Bad Timing

Finishing too quickly or too slowly is another common bedroom blunder. In both cases, it can result in loss of confidence when handled badly. For those suffering from premature ejaculation, treatments such as puraman herbal v can definitely help. On the other hand, if she finishes too quickly, take a short break to allow her to recover. Start the foreplay again and she should be ready to pounce back into action soon enough. Don’t dwell on the mistakes but adapt to suit the situation.


Your Big Mouth

Sometimes, when the mood gets heightened, it is all too easy to say something that offends. After all, some women like talking dirty while others are put off by it. If your partner gets irritated by what you’ve uttered, don’t get upset or aggressive. Calm her down and say that you were just having a bit of fun. In this case, you’ll be better off using this dirty talk to refer directly to her: how she makes you feel, what she’s doing right, etc.

Dirty, Little Secrets

One final, major bedroom blunder is getting too eager and showing off your fetishes before your partner is ready. If you enjoy handcuffs or have a home-made porn collection, never bring it out until you’ve both been seeing each other for a while. Showing off your fetishes too soon can be scary, especially if the woman you’re with isn’t into that sort of thing. In any case, you should use some restraint at first, exercising common sense when it comes to revealing any kinky desires.

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