10 ways to finance your children’s health costs

Parent’s love on children is so precious that they care a lot and spend money and time in a desperate manner as they are the first priority in life.  If something goes wrong with children like falling ill or seasonal fluctuations, it turns out to be an extra burden for parents to manage expenses. Wealthy people can afford during extremes too but not the common people.

Here are the best ways to help you come out from these circumstances:

  1. Sell assets: This will be the first thought to any person who needs cash. Sell your properties, if any, which can get you some money that can be used to meet the extra expenses incurred. By doing so, one need not borrow any amount from others or take debts.
  2. Use Savings amount: Go for the savings amount in your bank account or fixed deposits and spend them for your child’s medical expenses. First check if you possess the required amount with you; if yes, you can withdraw the required money from your account and use it for your child healthcare treatment. In this way you can stay relived from making liabilities.
  3. Search for best financiers: Go for best financiers or moneylenders who offer money with low interest rates. This makes easy for you to repay the debt.
  4. Health insurance: It’s always suggested to be covered under health insurance. This saves you a lot of dosh on medical hitches. This not only aids you, but also the entire family. You should take this policy as it takes along manifold doles lifetime.
  5. Health cards: Many clinics especially children health centres, offer health cards on minimal payment like credit cards. You can access them everywhere, provided the clinics possess admin authorisation. This will help during emergencies when you do not have money with you.
  6. Health coupons: Most of the MNC’s provide their employees’ health coupons just like gift tokens or shop and eat vouchers to come up with money for health complications. The company will bear the whole charges.
  7. Government offers: “Insure kids now” is an organisation launched by government for free or low cost health insurance policy designed mainly for kids. This policy is offered to parents at the time of ward’s birth in all the government health centres/hospitals. It is intended to aid & educate the ignorant rustics and support them financially without getting down-hearted to take care of the children providing the prerequisites of health.
  8. Take the first step for children’s future: Start saving money and take a medical policy for your children in advance to stay away from spending a high amount towards medications. You can stay tension-free if you own this policy.
  9. Girl child welfares: As we all know that the girl child is given a vital prominence all the go, this will be an added advantage to parents of single girl child as the government body takes care of all the nitty-gritties from vaccination till the time of delivery. Make sure that you are covered under this scheme so as to procure all the welfares from democratic bodies.
  10. Take a credit: You can opt for loans from banks to arrange money for health expenses. But the ill-fated fact about banks is that many norms have to be fulfilled which is a time-consuming process. To collect cash instantly, go for same day cash loans which contribute dough without executing a credit check.

So, take up the stated health measures in your scope to stay hassle-free from tracking the expenditures on health of your family.

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