Top 10 Tips and Techniques to Succeed in Telephonic Interviews

The information and communication technology revolution in mobile, telephone, SMS, E-mail, has drastically reducing the relevance of postman’s delivery of letters, interview letters and call letters. So, many organisations are opting for telephonic interview for jobs, especially in the first round in screening of candidates. Here, there are some tips how to overcome, crack and succeed in Telephonic Interview.ID-10061917Image courtesy of AscensionDigital at

These are very important finer points, especially for the fresher.

  1. When you are waiting for interview, you should always be ready in all sense for Telephonic interview. So, keep your mobile on and switching off mobile should be strictly discouraged as it gives negative impressions on the employer.
  2. Careless and casual talk shouldn’t be part of interview. Gentleness and sincerity should be in your way of expression.
  3. One should select peace and quiet place for his /her answers-questions session during telephonic interview. It enhances the weightage of your response and interview.
  4. If possible keep your CV before you so to give proper and right response to the interviewer.
  5. There is no as such dearth of talents in any field, so rescheduling of interview give bad impression on the employers and non-seriousness on the part of candidate.
  6. Your answer and response should be well explained, full of clarity and without any hesitation. Avoid answer in the form of Yes and No.
  7. Make a list of your performance in the current and previous organisations so that you can justify appropriately before the interviewers. Correlate it with your goal and objectives of professional front.
  8. One should give answer from his own side instead of taking helps of friends or seniors.
  9. One should be honest, dedicated and sincere while furnishing information.
  10. Don’t take more time in giving your response as it gives something else viewpoints to the employer that is not in the favour of the candidate.

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